Raise your hand if you’re sick of constantly cleaning your house and not knowing where to put all these THINGS.

         All the excess makes even a vacuumed and dusted and disinfected house feel dirty. I think this is a common problem – there are too many things and not enough spaces and places for the things. Often, when I’m tidying up, things go into random spots that aren’t really helping to clean, it’s just moving the mess to a different spot. 

     SO I have begun to very slowly but surely declutter and deep clean my house! I know that quite a few people that I know are also currently going through this process as well, so I figured I would write out my method and create a little printable in case anyone wants to follow along! 

    I’ll probably be referring back to this in a year or two to declutter and deep deep clean again because me + routine and consistency = no. 

     A few ground “rules”: 

  • There are none! This is such a loose guideline. I think almost everything in life is flexible and customizable. (Mostly applies mostly to stay-at-home mom stuff, not like brain surgeon stuff, but you do you.) 
  • There is NO TIMELINE. As of right now -January 31st 9:25 pm mountain time – I have completed exactly one of these things on this list. And I’m like a month into this thing.  A lot of the other posts and “challenges” I’ve seen online have some kind of timeline. Like a room a day or whatever. If you want to do that, cool! But I’m just making progress as I can – no pressure. 

Heres a little guide on how to get the most out of this checklist, and how I’m using it: 

MY TOP THREE –  okay, this is literally just the 3 things that are driving you CRAZY in your house. What would have the absolute most impact if you decluttered, cleaned, removed, organized it RIGHT NOW? It can be a single room, a single cabinet, a single category of belongings, anything! That is number 1. That is the thing I want you (you don’t have to though, no hard set rules!) to begin with. When I’m faced with a huuuuuge task, like decluttering my entire house, I start with one thing. Just one. Often the most satisfying and difficult. 

      My #1 was CLOTHING AND TEXTILES. Yes, this is a whole category on the checklist, but I felt like it was so massive and out of control in my house that I wanted to get it done ASAP. 

   AND I HAVE!!! I sorted and organized each piece of material and textile in my home! Feels soooo goooood. So yeah, I did the hard thing first and like I suspected, it had a gigantic impact on my daily life and was satisfying enough to give me the decluttering bug. Now I’m on a roll!

Lots and lots and lots of this!

Look at our pile of clutter! We got rid of all of this just from a single load of random laundry.

      Okay, now for 2 and 3, I figured I’d give myself a bit of a break, and choose things that would be very very very satisfying and make my life easier, but not be such a task. I chose 2. Toys and 3. Medicine and wellness items! 

     The toys might be fairly easy to understand, they’re everywhere, they’re often ugly, and they just need a good refresh. 

       The medicine, well, that’s just something that my husband and I have the bad habit of just leaving EVERYWHERE. It’s scattered all over both bathrooms, nightstands, kitchen cabinets, on the fridge, linen closet. Just. Everywhere. I finally bought this medicine organizer off of  amazon, linked here, that I will put all of our over the counter medications and baby wellness items in when it’s all sorted. I avoid most medications, especially since I’ve been pregnant and/or nursing for almost 4 years (!?), so there isn’t a whole lot to put in here, and I cannot WAIT to throw out the expired and needed stuff. Like, guys, the other day I spotted an old box of birth control in my bathroom. I haven’t been on birth control in years! Face palm. (Ask me about my birth control journey/revelations if you want to hear some cool medical facts, hahaha. Yes, I bring everything back to birth and the female experience. Not sorry!)  I didn’t throw it out in that moment because I want to document all the medication I sort and toss, though! 

This closet had lots of spare blankets and baby clothes my daughters had outgrown, so I just decluttered the whole thing as I sorted through the clothing. Not perfect, but SO MUCH BETTTTTTER.

     Okay, so after your top three are finished, you can just move onto cleaning room by room. I’m planning on cleaning out each room top to bottom, space by space, following what the list dictates. Obviously, I made this list for my home, so I’ve left spaces to fill in if you have extra spaces that I’ve missed. 

       Lastly, I’m planning to just do a once over of every room again, catching anything I didn’t get the first time and doing a deep clean (as opposed to declutter and organization) as I go around again. Because I intend this to be a long, relaxed process, it’s likely that a little more clutter will have gathered after the initial clean! That’s okay! Progress over perfection, right?

        At the bottom, I’ve included a space for notes. I intend to write little things I notice need fixed or cleaned as I’m decluttering that I might not think of at another time, but use it for whatever! A motivational quote, a doodle, extra checklists. I also added a little space to write anything you need to buy to assist your organization. I already know I need a few baskets for organizing toys in Esme’s room, and some storage containers for my pantry. Again, time is my friend in this. I’m not going to go buy everything today!


I hope this list helps you in some way! I’m super excited to dedicate a space to every single thing in my entire house! My productivity is going to be so much better I think! I’ll update about halfway through my list and you can tell me where you’re at too. 

   Here’s the printable list: